Iran's Isfahan getting UNESCO's World Handicrafts Club

The fabulous city of Isfahan is recognized as world craft city for centuries-long production of sui generis handicrafts. The city's specific crafts reflect the influence of rich Persian culture and art.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Throughout centuries, handicrafts have been embedded as the main tradition within the local community of Isfahan.

By having more than 40,000 craftsmen with a wide variety of handicraft types throughout the province, Isfahan is considered as the main hub of crafts in the world.

The country’s most specialized craft people in different disciplines, including metal works, carpet weaving, carpentry artworks, ceramics, painting and inlay works of various kinds live in Isfahan. At least 9000 craft workshops and enterprises are contributing to Isfahan's economy, majority of which located in Naqsh-e Jahan Square.

Recently, in the meeting of the Central Council of UNESCO's World Handicrafts Club, it was approved that the trademark of the Club will be awarded to Isfahan's Handicraft Sellers Union in Naghsh-e Jahan Complex.

Another achievements of the meeting include obtaining the title of UNESCO's World Handicrafts Club by Isfahan and determining the next meeting of the Council in this city with the presence of all members.

It is interesting to know that Isfahan will home a Handicrafts and Art Town as a tourist attraction in near future in which galleries, exhibitions and shops supplying handicraft products will be situated near each other so that tourists can enjoy the chain of attempts in making a handicrafts.

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