22 September 2020 - 11:05
Isfahan triggers desertification

Isfahan's provincial officials have allocated 10 billion tomans to combat desertification.

Iran (IMNA) -Concerning the necessity to combat desertification and prevent spreading of dust, The Director General of Crisis Management Department at the Municipality of Isfahan noted, “this year, mulching 305 hectares of desert areas in the province with a credit of 24 billion tomans has been regarded as a practical solution to prevent the spread of dust; furthermore, some proceedings to reverse land degradation have been taken. Indeed, effective measures such as planting in 1480 hectares, providing hand-planted forest in 4000 hectares, creating non-living windbreaks to the extent of 50 kilometres on sand dunes and implementing live windbreaks in an area of 300 km to prevent evaporation, soil erosion and also improving irrigation efficiency have taken to save lands from desert encroachment."

“These projects will be run with a credit of 10 billion tomans through planting in 900 hectares of dust hotspots in Isfahan, Anarak and Aran and Bidgol”, Shishehforush continued.

“Using the solar panels to convert sunlight directly into electricity and then to supply electricity to the companies is considered as an efficient approach in order to implement the Clean Air Act (CAA). In fact, the movement of using clear energy has started in Isfahan. In this sense, Isfahan Provincial Government and the municipality have been notified to install solar panels; Furthermore, Isfahan Regional Electric Company provides special facilities for applicants who develop clear energy”, he added.

Accumulation and incineration of industrial and agricultural wastes is prohibited

“Regarding the Clean Air Act (CAA), the Ministry of Oil is duty bound to produce various fuels and gasoline according to Euro 4 national standards. Actually, there are 350 fuel stations in Isfahan province; in this respect, the province’s Environmental Protection Organization is obliged to check the pollution status of oil refiners and companies every week and monitor the situation online”, The Director General of Crisis Management Department at the Municipality of Isfahan pointed out.

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