21 September 2020 - 14:45
world witnessing downfall of tourism

The lock down measures and border closures to curb the spread of COVID-19 have led to the sharp cut in the international tourist arrivals and taken a heavy toll on tourism economy that accounts for 10% of global GDP.

For first time in recorded history, the whole world experienced the global travel restrictions in response to the pandemic during which all countries closed their borders and suspended international flights for weeks.

Amid the pandemic there still is a silver lining; domestic tourists, which accounts for major part of total global GDP, have somewhat kept the industry alive in a safe place since they are recognized as the main chance for recovery, notably in regions where the tourism industry supports many jobs and businesses; however, the challenge here arises that local incomes cannot compensated for the slump in foreign tourism revenue.

‌‌‌Depending on the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic, the potential decline in the tourism economy could range between a 60 to 80percent; it has been anticipated that by COVID-19 pandemic remaining persistence, 120 million jobs would be placed at risk causing hundreds of millions people lose their livelihood.

The devastating impact of the pandemic disaster has been reverberated throughout the entire tourism industry, and reopening boarders and resumption of the tourists' exchanges will require an integrated approach.

Many governments across the world have introduced tourism thriving measures to save the industry and hope to return to the same prosperity in Pre-COVID 19 days.

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