Development of Isfahan green spaces under optimal resource management

"Developing urban green space with the optimal resource management approach and providing the maximum value creation, is one of the policies of this organization through this year," the CEO of Isfahan's Parks and Green Spaces Organization said.

Iran (IMNA) – "In order to develop the green space with the optimal resource management approach and providing the maximum value creation, developing large-scale recreational green space with the approach of managing the costs of expansion and maintenance, increasing the functional aspects of the green space, expanding ecological (non-recreational) areas by focusing on marginal lands, and developing ecological green spaces on the sides of highways and other lands at the disposal of the municipality are emphasized, " Forough Mortezaee Nejad said.

Saying that the other policies of the parks and green space department include maintaining the desirability and standardization of recreational areas, he added, "In this regard, organizing green areas with the approach of increasing the level of utility and managing the costs of maintenance by modifying the upkeep methods is on the agenda."

Saying that the integrated management and productivity of water resources along with the provision of new water supplies for urban green spaces are the policies of this year, he added, "In order to ensure effective policy implementation, completing the transmission lines infrastructure and water distribution network according to the priority of the comprehensive action plan, renovation and improvement of engine rooms and pumping stations, maintaining and repairing the main water transmission lines, evaluating the irrigation systems and choosing the suitable methods, hydraulic analysis of irrigation networks, zoning the irrigation of green space based on network analysis, maintaining, repairing and modifying some network pipelines, and achieving the secondary wastewater treatment to use in urban environment have been considered."

"National registration of runnels (Madis) as national natural and cultural heritages, reviving lost Madis focusing on ecological aspects of the city (Soffeh, Nazhvan, and parks in the east of Isfahan) by creating infrastructures and the required context to improve the quality of producible services in these areas are among the main policies of the organization," Mortezaee Nejad continued.

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