International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults to go online

Referring to the holding of the 33rd International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults in Isfahan, Ghodratollah Norouzi said, "Different opinions have so far been proposed on how this festival is to be hold; however, pursuant to the decision of the Policy Council, the festival will be betided virtually, in full compliance with health protocols" the resolution has been made in support of filmmakers with expertise in children and adolescence films as well as the festival audience, who are now mostly stay at home due to the spread of the Coronavirus."

Iran (IMNA) -The Mayor of Isfahan continued, "Although, holding virtual Film Festival for Children and Adolescents involves difficulties for organizers, but we believe that in these circumstances, special attention should be paid to the field of content production in various formats for children."

He stressed, "Staging the International festival is an important platform to show the efforts of artists who spend money and time for children and adolescents."

Noting that Isfahan Municipality has been a backer for children and adolescent cinema in the past, Norouzi said, "Considering that Isfahan has been recognized as a child-friendly city in the country and abroad for the past two years, arranging the event gains more importance."

Referring to the reopening of schools as of today, he clarified, "From today, students and teachers will attend schools by observing health protocols; principals, teachers and students should take the necessary steps to avoid any problem due to the spread of the coronavirus.

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