9 September 2020 - 11:32
Is it risky to attend schools?

The purpose of having children physically present in reopened schools, which is how they learn best, will only be risk- free if a society keep the spread of the virus under control.

Iran (IMNA) - Beyond just teaching academics, schools provide more than just learning various lessons to children and adolescents. School attendance fulfil their potential and help them make good progress in developing their relationships, identity, emotional understanding, and overall well-being which cannot be provided with distance learning. Schools are where children and adolescences run around, play and socialize with each other. They need to return to that sort of a healthy balance as soon as possible.

It has been weeks that schools around the world slammed shut; however, officials in some countries have decide to reopen school on due date as pediatricians and educators voiced concerns on school closures that suppose more harm than good, especially as evidence indicated that children rarely develop severe symptoms from COVID-19, and the risk appears lowest for the youngest children; however, such reasons requires intense studies.

Iranian schools have imposed strict limits and regulations on contact between children, observing social distancing as well as wearing masks. According to studied, Coronavirus could last for months, and impact on mental health, learning and cognitive skills of students must be taken into account.

Experts believe that the benefits of attending school seem to outweigh the risks as the risk of transmission in schools is low, but not non-existent. Officials promised to stand by for identification and isolation of Coronavirus affected cases.

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