Isfahan all set to welcome students during pandemic

Many students are still out of school due to the global closures; However, Increasing number of Iranian students are now returning to the classroom as officials have determined on a date to reopen schools.

Iran (IMNA) - "The city is all set to welcome students; however, they should take care on their own health and each other's by observing health protocols," Ghodratollah Norouzi, the mayor of Isfahan, said.

He expressed hope that the distinct beginning of the new academic year, sticking to the health protocols of wearing masks, washing hands, sanitizing and social distancing as well as educational instructions along with the creativity of principals and teachers' attention, will provide a relaxing environment for students and their families in the wake of careful planning of the Education Council.

The mayor of Isfahan added, "The current COVID-19 pandemic has heightened uncertainty over education system and pushes school classes virtual for first week in Isfahan; however, to commemorate this day as in the previous years, the school opening ceremony will take place with the chairman of Isfahan's City Council, Director General for Education and Provincial Chief Traffic Officer in attendance.

With thousands school children in Isfahan, local authorities have determined to expand the capacity of the city’s public transport network in order to allow for all citizens to be able to enjoy safe travels while observing social distancing measures.

Emphasizing that the city is all set to welcome students, Norouzi continued, "Isfahan's Department for Transport will be implementing changes to its usual itinerary in order to accommodate students, teachers and other commuters who are making their return to schools and work in current condition of the pandemic.

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