A glimpse of Muharram mourning rituals across Iran

Gelmali is a religious ritual that has been inscribed on Iran’s national heritage list; it is held every year in Lorestan province on the day of Ashura.

Iran (IMNA) - People gather in the main square of the city. Some men make a pool of mud from sand, rose water, and water. Then all the attendees spread the mud all over their bodies. Sad melodies and eulogies are chanted during the event. Then people begin to march all over the city covered with mud.

The origin

Covering with mud is one of the rituals of people in Lorestan province by which, mourners show their royalty to Imam Hussein (AS). Besides, after Ashura, the survivors were sad due to the loss of their loved ones and covered with mud. In this way, they convey the message that we are all in love with Imam Hussein (AS).

Soaked in history and culture, Lorestan is one of the lesser-known travel destinations mainly for its raw beauties and scenic landscape. It is also gateway to the sweltering plains below in adjoining Khuzestan province.


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