Iranian cities strive to realize child-friendly initiatives

Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Urban Planning and Architecture addressed the efforts of responsible institutions and bodies to create child-friendly cities and said, "Early this year, about 12 Iranian provinces joined the Child Friendly Cities Initiative network which functions is divided into three subsections; metropolises, inter-cities and towns.

Iran (IMNA) -"In 2018, Isfahan hosted a three-day conference attended by representative of31 Iranian provinces, delegates of UNICEF, Sweden and Germany to investigate and elucidate the various aspects of the child-friendly city," he continued.

Isfahan's Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning and Architecture added, "By reason of the conference, a program was developed in three stages that theoretical foundations from world experiences on child-friendly cities, scientific theories at home and abroad, investigating children's atlas as well as identifying them in categories living in the fifteen municipal districts of Isfahan and even working children were included in this action plan.

Hosseini-nia noted,"Due to the magnitude of action, a contract was signed with the University of Isfahan, and following the request of UNICEF and the Ministry of Interior, it was decided to recognize all child-related organizations and review their subordinate programs to propose a comprehensive plan."

"Various subject matters such as children's sociability, safety, security and their participation in urban issues have been considered in this action plan; we have strived to direct the attempts for having Isfahan as a friendly city," he continued.

"If we succeed to make a child-friendly city, that is, a safe place with facilities meeting the needs of children, adolescents, young people and middle-aged the elderly, then we achieve the ultimate goal," Hosseini- nia said.

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