Local area networks reduce indifference to society

"Air pollution in Isfahan is perilous to the health of citizens; this issue has become important to the extent that the number of Isfahan's clear sky throughout a year have been a handful of days," the head of the Commission on Environmental and Social Policy of Islamic city council of Isfahan said.

Iran (IMNA) - "With a view to deal with problems like air pollution, public participation should be included because local area networks have entered two fields of social responsibility and citizenship, and tried to warn people of each neighborhood on social issues, so that citizens won't be unconcerned to what is happening around them, " kourosh mohammadi added.

"Implementing urban projects is seriously pursued with the aim of developing the city and improving citizens' satisfaction and welfare. We believe that the structure of Isfahan should be commensurate with citizens' dignity who deserve the best facilities," he noted.

"Developing public transportation fleet is part of the measures against air pollution. To address the issue, public participation is needful; local areas networks will realize the object. Citizens have to endure some hardships for the sake of the society and environment," mohammadi said.

Pointing to the environmental activists' concerns regarding the closure of Soffeh zoological park, the member of Islamic city council of Isfahan added, "Due to our human duty, we have looked for a suitable mechanism to shut the park, and we also urge to ensure animals' health and safety."

"Providing suitable conditions for horses in Naghsh-e Jahan Square is another main concerns of citizens. Therefore, as far as the cultural heritage rights allows, we will strive to improve their conditions," he noted.

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