16 August 2020 - 11:45
 Isfahan makes salute to Muharram

"On the eve of Muharram and the ten days of mourning rituals for Aba Abdullah al-Hussein (A.S.), elements of teardrops and candles will be installed in different parts of the city," the managing director of Isfahan Municipality's Urban Beautification Organization said.

Iran (IMNA)- "One of the tasks of Urban Beautification Department is to adorn city on various national and religious occasions. Therefore, due to the sensitivity of the pandemic surging and the prominence of mourning ceremonies of Muharram, more out-of-home i nformative advertising on coronavirus will installed throughout the city," Hassan Moazeni noted.

He announced the installation of 50 candle elements and added, "These symbols are inscribed with Muharram specific elegies and lamentations that will be stationed in various urban spaces."

The managing director of Isfahan Municipality's Urban Beautification Organization continued, "On the occasion of Muharram, more than 200 elements of teardrops adorned with Arabic and Persian monodies will be raised over Isfahan's highways."

Saying that this year more than two thousand uniform vertical flags will be installed in 15 municipal areas of the city, he continued, "Greetings, Hussein (AS)" and "Greetings, Abolfazl (AS)" are imprinted on these flags."

Moazani pointed out that the puzzle wall of Imam Hussein (A.S) Square will also be updated with a suitable design for the mourning days of Aba Abdullah al - Hussein, Hazrat Imam Husayn (A.S).

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