13 August 2020 - 12:31
Gavkhuni Wetland drying up!

Despite widespread intense rain over the past two years, Gavkhuni Wetland has not been rehabilitated among the 146 marshlands in the country. In this respect, the Iranian Department of Environment has decided to pursue an action plan to return life to Gavkhuni wetland.

Iran (IMNA) - Despite the sufficient precipitation of the last two years in the Zayandehrud basins, Gavkhuni wetland has dried up to a dusty ribbon of sand in some parts. Although from the beginning of the current water year (October), 52.3 million cubic meters of water has been delivered annually to the Gavkhuni International Wetland, after about 10 days, due to the protests of the farmers the water closed to the lagoon.

Despite the fact that the authorities had promised to reopen the valves to the Gavkhuni Wetland, it was left to fend for itself during the hottest days of the year.

According to the deputy director of t he Iranian Department of Environment who visited the Gavkhuni International Wetland on August 25, “getting water to this wetland requires the serious determination of Isfahan province managers.”

‌Gavkhouni’s life simply means the Zayandeh Rood River that is the reminiscent of civilization, history and culture as well. Regarding the preservation of the Gavkhuni wetland as a matter of prime importance, AhmadReza Lahijan Zadeh continued, “Gavkhuni wetland is drying up due to not having a proper inflow from its annual water rights.”

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