Cashless fare collection in Isfahan taxis launched

The essential infrastructure for electronic payment of taxi fare transactions has been provided for citizens and taxi drivers in Isfahan through Eskif mobile application.

Iran (IMNA) - Due to the growing prevalence of the novel coronavirus, “Every Sunday, Launching a new project ” events are taking place in different ways in absentia. In one of the Sundays' projects, citizens witnessed the implementation of a special plan in the field of taxi drivers through virtual space.

In recent weeks, it has been announced that the fundamental infrastructure for electronic payment in taxis will be created. At present, the QR barcode reader has been installed on about one thousand taxis in Isfahan and activated in 700 ones. This system will be operationalized for other taxis over time. In fact, this program is considered as a significant step in building a smart city infrastructure.

Through implementing this plan, taxi passengers in Isfahan can run the Eskif application (electronic wallet for citizens of Isfahan) in order to pay the regular fare just by 2D barcode scanning without worrying about having cash or any concern on the spread of the infectious disease as well. The taxi drivers will also receive the message ‘payment completed successfully’ in their Eskif program at the same time and they will be able to be informed about the receipts by referring to the Reports menu.

Citizens can receive and install ‘Eskif’ application by sending the number three to 3000173030 or through reliable markets such as ‘Bazaar’ or ‘Google Play’.

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