International relations precondition to booming tourism

Nothing that development of international relations is recognized as a precondition to booming tourism, Iman Hojjati said, "Unfortunately, the current deadly virus outbreak has triggered an unprecedented crisis in the tourism economy; we should seek ways to save tourism from coronavirus crisis and eliminate the shortcomings in this sphere."

Iran (IMNA) _"Marketing and advertising strategies to promote touristic products and services are the triggered areas; so, we must stick to the agile approach in cooperating with Isfahan's sisters cities to develop communication and make the best of them concerning tourism marketing," the Director General of Communication and International Affairs Department at the Municipality of Isfahan noted.

Emphasizing on global constructive interactions concerning urban diplomacy, he went on to say that "what overshadows the interactions is the diplomatic atmosphere of the country which has been shaped under the oppressive sanctions against the country".

"Due to the current conditions adumbrating the international relations, face-to-face communication has been minimized; however, we have witnessed creative initiatives in maintaining relations as different cities around the world are facing the same problem; urban officials strive to take complementary measures in coping with the coronavirus crisis."

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