Staving off Coronavirus by urban advertisements in Isfahan

"The use of face masks to protect against and limit the spread of COVID-19 should become mandatory; Encouraging people to wear face masks as a precautionary measure has been visualized by the symbolic message of safety "I Wear Mask" on urban iconic billboards and banners, Ghodratollah Norouzi, the mayor of Isfahan said.

Iran (IMNA) - "The coronavirus pandemic has become part of our life and altered the world immeasurably; so, we should learn how to deal with the current outbreak of COVID-19," Norouzi noted in the meeting of the Coronavirus Response Headquarters in Isfahan.

The Mayor of Isfahan continued, "we can take advantages of other cities' experiences across the world so that we no longer have to get involved in many unsuccessful measures against the coronavirus."

Stressing that using face masks must be compulsory, he emphasized, "it appears necessary to city administrators to have the recommendations of the medical staff on coronavirus realized. The cultural sector and public relation department should team up and launch a wide advertising campaign to help the public protect themselves against the coronavirus like what we had as the symbolic message of safety "I Wear Mask" on urban iconic billboards and banners aiming to stave off the surge in coronavirus cases being seen across country."

Pointing to the confirmed cases of bubonic plague in China, Ghodratollah Norouzi ended: "an important resolution that reached during the meeting was to adopt the necessary strategies to get rid of mice. Therefore, it is the duty of the Department of Municipal Services (DMS) to take action against any mice infestations."

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