12 July 2020 - 10:52
New Conversations Day

Every year, you come across some new globally significant days in a specific month. Some might excite you and some might not. However, this important day in the month of July will definitely engross you. On July 12, every annual year, the New Conversations Day is observed. The New Conversations Day

Iran (IMNA) - Striking a conversation with a total stranger and a family member are totally different things. At times one becomes socially awkward while trying to engage in an exciting conversation with another person. Sometimes you find solace in talking to someone you know and, sometimes you can get over the joy of having a fun conversation with somebody you just met. Irrespective or case, one must celebrate the very ideas of new conversations with anybody. Thus, in order to highlight the importance of communication, an entire day is dedicated to it, titled the New Conversations Day. It is, globally observed on July 12 each annual year.

Conversations not only helps in improving your communication skills but also overcome the fear of vocalising one's thoughts. On the occasion of Happy New Conversations Day 2020, talk as much as can with whomsoever you wish to. However, the only catch is the conversation must compulsorily not be boring or repetitive in nature. It has to be new, and exciting. This practises also aids in gaining more information from others' perspective. Alongside, it also induces patience and listening skills, which has now-become rare experience in this fast and impulsive environment one lives in.

New Conversations Day History

New Conversations Day History is a mystery in itself, as no legitimate information is available on the internet or otherwise regarding the creator or the establishment of this day. But, with the very purpose behind New Conversations Day celebration, one can definitely understand that the creator of this day, wanted individuals to kill their fears of judgement and, talk openly to anybody and everybody.

New Conversations Day Celebration


Coming to Happy New Conversations Day 2020 Celebrations. Even though this year one cannot step out of the house due to the corona pandemic scare or participate in any events focusing on New Conversations Day, you can still celebrate it. One can talk to your, family, friends, or make new connections virtually. Conversations are not restricted to geographical locations, they can be done on the phone, a video call, or even at your dinner table. So, if you have been resisting from saying something from long, then today is the day to say it. Also, don't forget to wish your near and dear one's Happy New Conversations day 2020 with a quick chat, or a special message.

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