Iran's Rouhani announced compulsory wearing of face masks in public

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that wearing mask will become mandatory in the crowded and covered areas as of Sunday (July 5).

Iran (IMNA) - Speaking in a meeting of the national headquarters of the fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the president said that iranians will receive services from different organizations, the state ones in particular, only if they observe protective and health protocols as well as wearing masks.

The employees can also be able to go to work only if they wear masks and obey different health protocols, the president said.

Underlining the significance of protecting the health of the people, Rouhani said that the manufacturing units should continue to work while the health protocols are observed at the same time.

On the consequences of the COVID-19, the president noted that world economic growth has slashed to -3% from 2.9% since the emergence of Covid-19. He added that some 2.7 billion people have been affected by the virus globally in terms of social and economic standing.


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