Hydar abad epitomization of Isfahan

The city of Isfahan holds "twin city agreements" with 13 cities across the world, including Florence, Barcelona, Xi'an and Freiburg. Last week, the Islamic City Council of Isfahan approved a sister city agreement with a Persian flavored city in India, Hyder abad.

This historical city was planned during the Safavid sovereignty by Mir Mohammad M'men Astarabadi; Hyderabad dubbed as Isfahani- nau literally means "new Isfahan" due to the commonalities Of Safavid- specific architecture and urban appearances.

"Heydar Abad that is the epitomization of Isfahan named in honor of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.A), and Iranian architects laid the foundation of Heydar Abad from Isfahan's layout. During the Safavid period, there was a strong economic and cultural ties between Isfahan and Heydar Abad," Mohammad Eidi, the head of the Social, Cultural and Sports Department of Isfahan Municipality said.

Addressing the benefits of twin cities agreements, Eidi noted, "Every single agreement will open up a window to expand international relations. Isfahan and Heydar Abad are two manifestations of the same language that are typifying the same savor."

Noting that part of Isfahan's identity embodied in India, he continued, "Heydar Abad has several very large libraries centered on cultural subjects; one of them is the Oriental Manuscripts Library, in many manuscripts of which the Iranian identity is realized."

"Having a sister city agreement can promote our inter-cultural relations. Even in Persian literature, there is an Isfahani style, which is also known as the Indian style; these similarities are the result of the interaction between Isfahan and India in cultural domains, " Eidi ended.

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