Inaugurating Clothing, Technology and Fashion Town in Isfahan

“The clothing, technology and fashion town of Isfahan city is being set up,” a member of the Islamic City Council of Isfahan said.

Iran (IMNA) - On the sidelines of Ali Awsat Hashemi’s meeting, Deputy Minister and Head of the Technical and Vocational Training Organization (TVTO), Farideh Roshan noted, “pertaining to the significant factors affecting employment, the country’s Technical and Vocational Training Organization is the incumbent administrator of skills training.”

“In order to provide skills training comme il faut the labour market needs and simultaneously to the latest technology and the demands of society, it’s essential to be up to date in two significant areas: equipment and human resources,” she pointed out.

“Strengthening the private sector participation in order to provide appropriate space and equipment under close supervision of the Technical and Vocational Training Organization would diminish financial problems,” the member of Islamic City Council of Isfahan made the remark.

Roshan continued, “Improvement and modernization of educational centers in accordance with the changes in labour market technology changes and taking advantage of skilled elites and capable human resources are effective solutions in order to deal with concerning problems. Moreover, it rises the productivity of technical and vocational centers.”

Finally, she remarked, “Isfahan has been recognized as the member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in the fields of handicrafts and folk arts. As regards that 200 of the 300 disciplines in the field of handicrafts are in Isfahan, 50000 people have been employed in this sector. Concerning Isfahan as the pre-eminent Creative City of Crafts, this city is an appropriate model in the field of training experts and skilled trainers. Actually, Textile Training Center of Isfahan is widely well-known in the whole country in terms of applicable equipment.”

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