18 June 2020 - 10:40
International Panic Day

June 18 serves as an annual day for the commemoration of International Panic Day. One more such day comes in the month of March but it is known as Panic Day. However, International Panic Day is observed all over the world where people are advocated about the effects of stress and how we should stay away from it.

Iran (IMNA) - International Panic Day is aimed to make people acknowledge that their work, health, and relationships may cause them to stress and get panicked sometimes. This day focuses on how to see all those stressful things in retrospect and pause once in a while and relax.

The day encourages people to find ways to reduce or manage their stress in a better way so that they don't end up panicking at the end. Stress is one of the most important factors that cause lifestyle disorders like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

To manage stress, one must, first of all, acknowledge what they are going through and voluntarily unwind on this day by taking an entire day off from work, taking a stroll outside, reading a good book, lighting some aromatic candles, or being in contact with nature as much as you can. Get busy with doing something that makes you relax and invest your time in hobbies.

International Panic Day History

The word panic is actually thought to be derived from the Greek shepherd god named Pan. he was believed to strike fear among the travellers in the forest and get amused by seeing them freak out. The Greek god Pan is associated with woodland noises as well.

International Panic Day celebration

The day is celebrated by employing ways to unwind and cut back from the stress in your life. In the long term, stress is regarded as harmful to a person's physical and mental health. Chronic stress negatively affects your body systems including, stomach, heart, and immune system. The effect of chronic stress actually goes much deeper than one can imagine. The intention of the day is to spend time doing what relaxes you the most.


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