Everest of caves in craggy Zagros range

Parau cave, the largest calcareous cave in the world, situated12 km north east of Kermanshah city.

Iran (IMNA) – The structure of Parau cave belongs to the third geological period. This cave is also recognized as Everest of the caves because it was the greatest vertical cave in the world at the time of its discovery, 1971. In addition, due to its 751 meters depth, it is regarded as the deepest cave in Iran.

There are 26 wells inside the cave with various depths ranging between 5 to 42 meters. The most astonishing fact about this cave is that it is 3050 meters above the sea, the highest level from the sea among all the caves in the world.

Settig in the craggy Zagros range and flowing runnels inside the cave, the temperature during warm seasons is mostly between 1 to 5 degrees centigrade. It may be a couple of degrees colder in frosty seasons while the environs of the area remain very cold.

Mountaineers believe that Parau cave is the most menacing cave in Iran. Therefore, visiting Parau cave is something more than rappelling, climbing and caving. Unfortunately, five professional cavers have lost their lives in this cave.

Parau was registered as the second natural and national monument in Kermanshah in 2009 by the Iran's Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, it was registered in the list of Iran's natural monuments in 2011, by the registration number of 98.

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