Isfahannama; an innovation developed by Isfahan Municipality

Isfahannama website is a recent innovation developed by the Municipality of Isfahan in the context of smart sustainable city.

Iran (IMNA) - It’s fundamental for every municipal governance to provide and apply E-services (electronic services) in urban planning. In addition, social and cultural infrastructures as well as technological platforms are essential; indeed, significance and necessity of smart cities are more noticeable in times of crisis.

Sustainability is a powerful factor for smart cities in order to make positive changes. As a matter of fact, sustainable city or eco-city is a term used to describe a city designed with considerations for citizens. Further, smart sustainable cities can find a solution over the course of a crisis.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus as a biological crisis has affected all aspects of human life. Due to the spread of COVID- 19, cities and metropolises across the world have been seriously involved. On that account, researchers, scientists and governors try to figure out a way to cope with the pandemic. Gathering present a risk for increasing the spread of COVID-19; therefore, providing E-services to citizens in a smart city is vital during such a perilous situation.

Isfahannama (; an innovation in the context of smart city

The Municipality of Isfahan has taken effective steps in the context of smart city in the last few years. Isfahan has been nominated and selected as one of the top three smart cities in Iran. Developing cycle lanes and walkable routes has made Isfahan as a pedestrian and bike friendly city. Further, providing E-services to the citizens, smart transportation systems and traffic lights, smart air quality monitoring systems and also smart irrigation system ranked Isfahan as a smart city.

Recently, developing Isfahannama website has been considered as an innovation in the context of smart city. From different perspectives, Isfahannama would be regarded as a solution for some urban issues. In fact, every time and everywhere, without time and place restrictions, citizens would be able to connect with their mobile phones or computers to Isfahannama. It is not required for citizens to go to the municipalities and affiliated offices. Actually, Isfahannama presents miscellaneous utilities and Online- Services to the citizens virtually.

The services package provided by this system is divided into three categories: dedicated services, public services and special services for engineers. Dedicated services include the registration of construction licensing in various subsections. Public services cover citizen’s access to the city map, online payment for municipal charges on renovation, business -occupation tax and access to three-dimensional map of the city.

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