Investigation in Tarkhoran troglodytic site arrives new phases

"The second phase of archeological excavation operations in hand-dug troglodytic site of Tarkhoran in Tafresh County will be starting soon," the deputy for cultural heritage department of Markazi's General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts said.

Iran (IMNA) - Troglodytic neighborhood of Tarkhoran is an example of a distinctive kind of subterranean architecture in Iran.

"During the first phase of excavations, some spaces in three floors have been identified that used to be interconnected corridors on a smaller scale in residential areas," Mohsen Rahmati noted.

"Due to the scope and multiplicity of spaces, it is still not possible to determine the exact usage of such structures until further studies are fulfilled, but the possibility of having a large underground settlement with spaces is not slipped further away," he added.

"Earlier, 4500 earthenwares, glazed and azure tiles were discovered. Before the comprehensive investigations are completed, the estimated date of this troglodytic neighborhood backs to 5th and 10th centuries AH," he ended.


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