Optimization of energy fully realized in Isfahan municipality

Isfahan's deputy mayor for urban services said that 171 projects pertaining to energy efficiency are being implemented in 15 municipal districts, adding that the optimal, effective and efficient use of all capacities, resources and manpower will increase productivity in the assigned tasks.

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Iran (IMNA) - Referring to the arrival of 21th May that marks the "Productivity and optimization of energy consumption day", Hossein Amiri, said: "Productivity can be described as making the most of the least facilities and resources to achieve full growth in all directions."

Isfahan's deputy mayor for urban services added, "Currently, in some developed countries, despite limited resources, many investments have been concentrated to improve productivity at the national, regional, sectoral, organizational, institutional and even individual levels; their growing progress is deeply indebted to the principle of productivity."

Amiri continued, "If we seek for sustainable prosperity for our economic and social performances in today's competitive world, we need to achieve high productivity."

Referring to the position of Isfahan Municipality sided with the country's major industries in optimizing energy consumption, he noted "Optimal and efficient utilization of all capacities and resources increases productivity in the assigned tasks."

"In the Municipality of Isfahan, four projects of improving water infrastructures, optimization of fountains, utilization of new lighting systems and implementing modern lighting elements have been planned and are being executed," Amiri said while pointing to the effective measures to increase energy efficiency. ‌‌‌‌

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