Iran to Host “One-Minute” Quarantine International Short Film Festival

Organized by Social and Cultural Affairs Department of the Municipality of Tehran, the “One-Minute” Quarantine International Short Film Festival will be held in collaboration of several artists and cinema people.

Iran (IMNA) - In modern history, humanity has never experienced shared fears in their houses. We decided to arrange an international short film festival named “One-Minute” Quarantine to examine the general creativity of society in limitation and lack of facilities, from nothing and from the least; So pick your cellphone up and record 01:00 minute video.

One-minute video could be the horrible aspect of a mother whose child is part of the medical staff or a lover Being away from him/her beloved and not being able to accompany him/her or maybe an empty table for a family worried about their parents’ jobs.

One-minute quarantine could be the music instruments being played on the balcony of houses to resist death, they seem to be saying, "We're still alive. Look." The quarantine re-enacted the feelings of homemade bread smell in our nostalgic memory. Video calls became our connecting line, and sometimes singing a song together to forget. One-minute quarantine can make us close to God

Here are different parts of the festival:

*Quarantine / life / love / religion.
* Quarantine / family / children
* Quarantine / psyche / family and domestic violence / experience of being alone / Self-discovery
* Quarantine / Rare Disease / elders.
* special part / people with no quarantine

Your videos will be observed by the artists of our country, Gentlemen: Reza Banafshe Khah,Saeed Soltani,Vahid Mosavian, Gholam Hosein Shah Ali (Festival secretary), Siros Kahori nezhad and ladies: Azita Mogoii, Saghar Khajehamiri.

Also The review board of the festival are: Mr. Hossein Shavandi and Ms. Soraya Teymouri and Shahrzad Bakhtiari.

Acceptance is open from April 30th to May 31th. The submitted videos will be held in two sections: professional and amateur, both sections are in two levels: domestically and internationally.

The prizes of this festival in the amateur section: eight million rials for ech 1st three winners. Six Millions rials for 2nd three participants. Five million rials for each 3rd three participants. In the professional section: twenty million rials for ech 1st three winners. Ten million rials for 2nd three participants. seven million rials for each 3rd three participants. In the international section: $ 400 for 1st two winners. $ 300 each 2nd two participants. $250 for third two participants. This festival is organized by the Municipality and Milad Tower of Tehran and with the help of Khoshnegar Cultural and Artistic Institute.

To participate in the festival, please visit: ‌‌‌

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