Isfahan implementing citizens' ideas to remain creative

Isfahan Mayor's Deputy for Planning and Human Capital Development said, "To run the city of Isfahan, which is Iran's preeminent city, we need to brainstorm ideas and make them practical so that Isfahan remains as one of the world's creative cities."

Iran (IMNA) - While pointing to the holding of previous Idea Cups for Urban beautification at the end of last year, Alireza Sadeghian said, "The purpose of holding the 8th cup event is to take advantages of the creative ideas of citizens to solve urban management problems and making better living conditions in the city than before.

"Inventiveness in the city is about creativity and presenting ideas that will change the way we look at the city's appearance and the future ahead," he said.

Isfahan Mayor's Deputy for Planning and Human Capital Development emphasized that citizens' participation in such events represents their involvement in the management of the city.


"300 citizens participated in the 8th Idea Cup for Urban beautification, of which 162 ideas were selected, and based on the defined indicators, 30 ideas were recognized as remarkable; 10 ideas reached to final stage and were appreciated," he continued.

Referring to the criteria for selecting creative ideas, Sadeghian said, "One of the most important indicators is having a different vision to the city and providing changes in urban governance."

Pointing to Isfahan's Creative Saturdays event Sadeghian ended, "Citizens can click on the Creative Saturdays icon through Isfahan Municipality's portal and present their ideas on the issues raised."

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