23 April 2020 - 14:07
It's Talk like Shakespeare Day

To many, he was simply “The Bard”, but most of us know him as Shakespeare, and the manner of speaking that was prevalent throughout his works is singularly recognizable.

There was a great myth that came along with Shakespearean plays, a myth that shaped the voice of the era in the minds of all the generations that to follow. Talk Like Shakespeare Day encourages you to embody this myth and to spend the entirety of the day speaking forsoothly!

History of Talk Like Shakespeare Day

The myth of which we speak is the prevalent idea that the entirety of people in Shakespeare’s day spoke like those in his plays. The truth of the matter is that the speech and spelling used in Shakespeare’s day had very little resemblance to that speech used in his works. It was a sort of ‘stage voice’ that was created to romanticize the play and to lend them greater impact on the ears of those who attended them. Regardless, it has been largely believed in the years that followed that this was the speech of the day.

Talk Like Shakespeare Day encourages us to embody that speech, and to bring the stage to all the world that we live in. After all, “All the world ‘s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” This celebration is your opportunity to bring that concept to life and to regale your friends and companions with the rich and colorful speech of Shakespeare’s works. After all, if you cannot bring the people to the Globe Theater, then you can bring the Globe Theater to the people!

How To celebrate Talk Like Shakespeare Day

Speak, Speak, Thou Noble and wise personage! Speak to thy fellows in a tongue rich with color and passion. Use not thy quiet voice today, whispering in the shadows like some fool painting numbers on a wall. Instead let thy pathos ring loud and true, shower those thou lovest with words like rose petals, and prick the skin of thy enemies with jibes like barbs on a legionnaires spear!

True it may be that they will look upon you strangely, but such is the peril of casting pearls before swine! Talk Like Shakespeare Day is the time for your inner thespian to shine!


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