5 April 2020 - 10:06
No to Coronavirus; No to Sanctions

A national campaign has been launched to pressure the US to lift sanctions on Iran as it struggles to combat the Covid-19.

Iran (IMNA) - Iranian Activists have launched an online campaign to pressure the US to lift sanctions on Iran which has been one of the worst hit countries by the coronavirus pandemic.

WHO declared a global pandemic as the coronavirus rapidly spreads across the world. Many countries around the world are doing their all-out efforts to confront the virus. Still, there is no evidence when this disease will be ended. Iran as one of the world's hardest-hit countries from the virus is also grappling to defeat the virus. However, Iran’s ability to curb the virus has been limited due to the cruel U.S. sanctions imposed on the Iranian people.

The U.S. claims that humanitarian items, particularly medical supplies, are exempt from sanctions. However, due to the banking restrictions, the financial channel required for facilitating transactions is not available in practice.

The petition which has been launched online is a formal request to the US officials to take immediate action to stop the medical sanctions against Iran to fight against the Covid -19.

The petition (#coronaplus2) includes a brief but important message:

No! to Coronavirus; No! to Sanctions;
Coronavirus is a global threat and combating this global threat calls for world cooperation; US government's extrajudicial sanctions against Iranian nation hinder international convergence to combat this global disaster.

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