Urban publicity on Coronavirus arrives to new phase

“So far, third phase of urban publicity have been carried out by Isfahan’s municipal cultural sectors, and as of next Saturday, the fourth phase will be run with the slogan "Take care of my health, I keep taking care of your health" to educate citizens about the social distancing, a public health safety intervention. The purpose of this project is to show people how to continue their social life while maintaining their health,” Isfahan mayor said.

Iran (IMNA) - "On 31 March and April 1, citizens respected the decisions of city and provincial managers, stayed at home and spent nature’s day differently; this reflects people's discipline and deep understanding of the current conditions due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. People need to know that their efforts are appreciated and that they are making big contributions to curb the virus, " Ghodratollah Norouzi noted.

He added that on April 1, traffic congestion in Isfahan decreased by about 98% compared to days before the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Mayor of Isfahan continued, “We must thank all citizens involved in the battle against Covid-19 who, trusted the decision of city and provincial managers; without their contribution, the decision of the managers would not be executable.”

Appreciating the anonymous people in Rezvan Garden who are full service in mortuaries in the toughest and most dangerous conditions, as well as the unassuming city-dwellers who work round the clock in alleys, streets, and parks, he said, “within days when people need to stay at home, municipal forces are working under hard conditions to save lives; they are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus along the healthcare workers who made a commitment to serve the people. "

Adding that traffic between cities is prohibited until April 8, ended, "Joint stations at city entrances have been created in cooperation with police forces and municipal authorities to control the entry of cars into the city; only the registration plate of Isfahan cars are allowed to enter the city.

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