24 March 2020 - 10:03
Women; Saviors of healthcare system

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, concerns rise about the impact of pandemic on women in healthcare system.

Iran (IMNA) - Right now, women in Iran make up the majority of health-care positions especially in the field of nursing where they are on the front lines of coronavirus fight.

So far, public fears of getting infected by coronavirus have led some medical suppliers to run out of the masks due to the heavy purchasing processes; such fear has created a shortage in the number of masks and disinfection solutions in the country.

The overall well-being and resilience of healthcare workers are main determinants to achieve the most advantageous healthcare response for perfect patient management as well as to obtain favorable patient outcomes.

In such overwhelming conditions, medical staff are extremely vulnerable to coronavirus; however, they still have a keen sense of a duty of care for their patients because they are truely invincible, specially the female ones!

women in Iranian culture are considered as the primary caretakers in their families. So, we can infer that many women in Iran’s health care system are balancing a demanding work life and home life.

Female healthcare workers also have responsibility to be on the guard of parents, who are older, as well as school-aged children.

The fact is that Iranian women who work at health care systems, whether they’re nurses or physicians, tend to help the nation. In the recent situation where people only think about themselves and run away from the crisis, healthcare workers run toward it. At the moment we should stay at home and support them instead. God bless them.

Elahe Seyfodin

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