17 March 2020 - 10:32
UNICEF aids arrives in Iran

Iran received the third new coronavirus aid packages of The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to help keeping children safe from coronavirus.

Iran (IMNA) - According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the aid packages include drugs, medical supplies, and basic medical equipment as well as field guides in Farsi for protecting children against the dangerous coronavirus and making them feel secure at home during the outbreak.

Aid packages for medical treatment of UAE and Uzbekistan also have been sent to Iran to support the country in containing the virus.

Earlier, countries including China, Turkey, Germany, France, the UK, Japan, Qatar, Azerbaijan, and Russia, provided Iran with aid packages to help the country to Combat Corona Virus.

Iran has been scrimmaging to stop the rapid spread of coronavirus which so far has infected 14,991 people and killed 853, according to official figures.

The death toll and number of infectioned cases have been on the rise ever since the first two fatalities were announced on February 19.

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