4 March 2020 - 09:47
Shorabil lake

Shorabil lake, one of the natural interurban lakes in Iran, is situated in a hilly area south of Ardabil.

Iran (IMNA) – The Shorabil lake, which is approximately 7.5 kilometers south of downtown, has got unique ecology. The surface of the lake is 640,000 square meters, and is covered with a thin white layer of minerals.

Shorabil lake attracts many local and foreign tourists each year. The lake is famous because of its salty water which is full of minerals with therapeutic benefits for different diseases. That's why many tourists visit the lake for medical reasons.

Hundreds of thousand birds migrate to this place during winter and make bird lovers to gather and enjoy watching. Also, Shorabil lake is the home of rainbow trout which is a special kind of fish.

The lake provides many leisure, sport and cultural facilities such as fishing, cycling, boating, playground, international exhibitions, and restaurants. An interesting point about this lake is that it is surrounded by a wonderful road which enables you to circle the whole lake with a bike, a car or on foot. In addition, there are many shopping centers around the lake that makes this place a multipurpose destination.

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