1 March 2020 - 09:52
Nader Shah Mausoleum

Nader Shah Mausoleum, a building in the Naderi Garden Museum complex, is situated in Mashhad.

Iran (IMNA) – Nader Shah Afshar which is also known as Nader Gholi was one of the powerful Iranian kings who created the Afshariyah dynasty. When he was alive, he ordered to construct a small tomb very close to holy shrine of imam Reza in Mashhad; after his assassination, he was buried there. Then a new tomb was built for him during the Qajar era in order to honor his effort.

Nader Shah's tomb, with the area of 1448 square meters, is considered as the second most important attraction of Mashhad. The construction process of this structure had begun in 1956 A.H, and finished in 1961.

This monument includes a central library, and two museums; one of them is the Arms Museum related to different periods of Iranian history and the other one is the Museum of Weapons and Works of Nader Shah.

When you enter this place, you would see the statue of Nader Shah on Horseback along with a number of its soldiers mounted on a high stone. Nader Shah tomb hall is square shaped with two red stone walls and an open pillar section. Nader Shah tombstone is situated at the corner of this square and it has an outward view. The tomb is made of rough and hard rock from Mashahd Mountain.

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