16 February 2020 - 15:48
Niloofar mirage in Kermanshah

Niloofar mirage which is also known as Sarab-e Niloofar, Niloofar Lake, or Lake of Water Lily is located about 15 kilometers northwest of Kermanshah.

Iran (IMNA) – Niloofar mirage is situated near a village with the same name. This mirage which is 25 meters above the sea level, has created a lovely landscape.

The lake is named Niloofar Sarab due to the presence of beautiful lotus flowers floating on it. Lotus flowers, also known as water lily or eastern lily, has been regarded as the symbol of purity, nobility, and spiritual growth. Although it grows from the mud, it is still clean and pure.

Unfortunately, many of the water lilies have dried due to the long-term droughts and excessive groundwater harvesting in recent years; however, it is still among the famous and popular tourist destinations in Kermanshah.

The whole area of the lake is about 1331 hectares, and its depth is more than 32 meters at some points. The water of the lake that originates from some natural springs is remarkably clear that you can easily see the stems of the flowers. In addition, there are several underwater caves, but it's hard to explore them.

Recreational and tourist facilities that have been built around the lake makes this place a popular destination during spring and summer. Therefore, the best time to adventure this place is during the warmer seasons of the year. If you are lucky, you can also see herons, geese, ducks and other birds inhabiting around the lake. Niloofar mirage was inscribed in the list of Iran's natural heritage in 2009.

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