9 February 2020 - 11:16
Isfahan, Denmark to get closer

"We are very pleased that an Isfahani woman has been assigned as Iran's ambassador to Denmark; ambassadors hold high ranking positions in the administrative system where they should be active in all areas, " Ghodratollah Norouzi said.

I‌‌‌ran (IMNA) - Referring to the sister - city agreement between Isfahan and one of the Danish cities, the mayor of Isfahan, noted, "We hope that adequate context will be provided to sign an agreement with Danish cities".

Addressing the tourism boom in Isfahan, Norouzi emphasized, "All the plans of Isfahan Municipality and Islamic City Council have been focused on tourism from day one. In this regard, the project of "Isfahan 2020" has been defined with tourism teargets so that we can take positive steps for Isfahan's tourism industry."

Norouzi added that ambassadors could provide a platform for joint cultural, sporting, artistic and economic events, and Isfahan municipality is ready for international cooperation in this regard.

Referring to the problem of handicraft artists in selling products, Nasir Mellat, the head of the Economic and Tourism Commissions of the Isfahan's Islamic City Council, said "Isfahan artists produce the best artworks, but they are not able to deliver them directly to the world markets, and we hope that embassies will prepare the conditions for Iranian handicrafts to be offered in different countries."

He continued, "we are interested in making a sister cities network with Denmark in Isfahan. Tourism has been considered as the main axis of the city development plan and heavy budgets are set to achieve this goal."

Farideh Roshan, one of the members of Isfahan's Islamic city council emphasized "Cultural and artistic events are very important. The presence of the new Iranian ambassador to Denmark can bring good results to Isfahan and we may witness joint cultural and artistic cooperation between Isfahan and Denmark in near future. "

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