Iran's literacy rate climbs up to 96 percent

"According to the latest census data in 1398 SH, literacy rate in the country has reached up to 96 percent," the head of Iran's Literacy Movement Organization said.

Iran (IMNA) - "Before the Islamic revolution of 1979, total number of literate persons in the given age group of 10 to 49 years old was 48.4 percent; it means that 48 out of 100 people were literate and the rest were illiterate," Shapour Mohammadzadeh said.

According to the census data in 1395 SH, the number of literate people in Iran climbed to 94.7 percent.

Total literacy rate in the country catches 96 percent this year; the number has been reported to be more than 96 percent in some provinces.

The head of Iran's Literacy Movement continued, "according to 1395 sh census, we had 2 million and 2 thousand illiterate persons in the age range of 10 to 49 years old , of which about 400 thousands were foreigners. Of course, this census is based on a self-reported process. We attempt to eradicate illiteracy in this age group. "

"If different types of organizations perform necessary cooperation, illiteracy will be eradicated in the near future, and in the census of 1400 sh literacy situation will be better than previous years," Shapour Mohammadzadeh ended

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