Nighttime tourism to get flourished in Isfahan

“Isfahan’s Cultural Heritage Organization and municipality share deep subjective ties. If the two bodies of cultural heritage organization and municipality do not interact, there will be a lot of damage to the city,” Ghodratollah Norouzi said during a meeting with director general of Isfahan’s Cultural Heritage Organization.

Iran (IMNA) - Emphasizing the preservation of historic monuments and ancient buildings of the city, Isfahan mayor said, “we should protect what has been created by humans over the past years; in this regard, all responsible and relevant organizations should help to keep and transfer the monuments to the future generations.”

"The restoration and reconstruction of each old Isfahan’s neighbors needs its own specialty that we should take advantage of them to regenerate the worn-out texture of the city," the mayor of Isfahan noted referring to the regeneration of the old texture of Isfahan.

Tackling the subject of nighttime tourism in Isfahan, Norouzi stressed, “There are some historical attractions like Khaju bridge and Chahar Bagh Abbas Avenue that are considered as nightlife spots; so, we should strive to make the city's nighttime tourism flourish. "

He emphasized that by interacting with the organizations that are responsible to promote tourism industry, Isfahan’s tourism industry can be further boosted.”

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