Isfahan municipality receives title of honor for energy management

Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for municipal services announced the title of honor for energy management that has been granted by Isfahan Electricity Distribution Company to Isfahan municipality.

Iran (IMNA) - "Isfahan municipality with the largest share of utility scale electricity, and consuming more than 90thousand MWh of electricity per year, is the biggest public sector consumer of Isfahan province electricity Distribution Company," Hosein Amiri said.

"Coherent planning to achieve optimal consumption has been at the heart of the municipal organization chart," he added.

"This amount of energy is consumed by public utilities such as park lighting, fountains, electricity for irrigation facilities and lighting for historic buildings," Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for municipal services said.

"Due to the necessity of energy management in providing urban services with environmental priorities as well as reducing current costs, we have been able to reduce and manage electricity consumption especially at peak hour by setting specialized task force centers and defining various executive strategies considering the quality of services," Amiri added.

"Creating a centralized and coordinated infrastructure by optimization management center for urban services department of Isfahan municipality in cooperation with Isfahan Electricity Distribution Company will help to evaluate and monitor all electricity subscriptions monthly, " he noted. 

"Given the necessity of optimizing energy consumption and costs, the importance of promoting the municipality's position among other organizations as well as Isfahan Mayor's emphasis on efficient city management, deputy department for Urban Services of Isfahan municipality has proceeded to reduce the load on the distribution network, especially in the first six months of the year, develop standard indicators for various urban usages such as lighting, water supply systems, fountains and other utilities, and plan and implement software and hardware measures in this regard. Isfahan Municipality has received the title of honor for energy management among all the executive organizations in the province after a six-month period of continuous daily assessment by Isfahan Electricity Distribution Company," Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for municipal services ended.

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