Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Visit This Island in Iran

Islands don’t usually come to mind when talking about Iran, but in fact, it has several in the Persian Gulf.

Iran (IMNA) - The largest is dolphin-shaped Qeshm, known as “the island of seven wonders.” Read on to discover 13 reasons why everyone needs to visit this amazing island.

Untouched nature

Caves, canyons, forests, and narrow passes, all untouched and as pure as can be , are waiting to dazzle anyone who can stand the beating sun and humidity. Qeshm is a paradise, particularly for nature lovers.

The empty beaches are blissful | © Hamed Saber / Flickr


Culture in the southern parts and islands of Iran is unlike the rest of the country. What immediately stands out is the women’s garb. Most women in Qeshm wear two types of niqab, face coverings, which are not for religious purposes, but rather stem from history. One kind resembles thick eyebrows and a mustache from afar; it was a ploy used in the past to trick potential invaders into mistaking women for men. The other is a rectangular embroidered covering that reveals only the eyes and helps protect the face from the wind, sand, and sunburn. Black chadors are a rare sight here, as women opt to wear colorful, floral ones.

Bandari music, or music from southern port cities, also has a unique flavor. It’s very cheerful, commonly played during weddings, and has a distinct dance.

The women of Qeshm wear colorful hijab | © Mad Roodgoli / Flickr


Iranians are ethnically diverse, and a good place to witness this is Qeshm, which also has an Arab and Afro-Iranian population who are descendants of slaves brought here centuries ago or who came to Iran to work as sailors.

Qeshm has an Arab and Afro-Iranian population | © Mad Roodgoli / Flickr

No visa needed

Qeshm is both a duty-free zone and a place where foreign tourists can enter visa-free, making it ideal for those in the Persian Gulf area who want to get a taste of Persian culture and hospitality on a whim.


If you ever feel the need to get away from it all, look no further than Qeshm. Aside from shopping areas crowded with people, you’ll feel as though you have the entire island to yourself. It’s not uncommon to explore the attractions without another soul in sight, and while you’re on the beaches, it’s likely that your only other company will be some camels who have also stopped by for some R&R.

Source: Lonely Planet

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