11 January 2020 - 14:59
Iran's tallest waterfall

Laton waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Iran, which is located in Astara County, Gilan province.

Iran (IMNA) – According to nature experts' experiences and scholars' ideas, Laton waterfall, situated in Astara County, can be considered as the highest waterfall in Iran with the height of 105 meters. This waterfall is also known as Barezva.

The water of Laton waterfall originates from Spinas Mountains which are the highest mountains of Astara, then it flows into the Londvil River passes through the Kuteh Kumeh village and extends nearly 17 kilometers. Finally, it flows to the Caspian Sea. The water volume of this waterfall is different in four months of the year, but it flows permanently in all seasons.

In order to reach Laton waterfall, you should go to Lavandevil and Kuteh Kumeh village in Astara, then there is a beautiful path ahead of you, it's about four hours of walking in the forests and passing through the hills. You will certainly enjoy your walk through green hills and adore the pretty nature around you. It should be mentioned that there is a castle on top of the waterfall named Spinas which is very attractive.

The floristic biodiversity in the surrounding areas of Laton waterfall is obvious. Therefore, there are various types of tress such as plums, quince, pears, hazelnut, fig, walnut, common medlar and wild apple. There are also different species of animals like cattle, sheep, horses, wolves, boars, bears and hedgehogs in this area. 

Every season has its own beauty; however, early spring is the best time to enjoy the beauty of Laton waterfall, since during this time the weather is pleasant.   

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