28 December 2019 - 10:25
Tangeh Savashi

Savashi canyon is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions located in Firouzkouh, northeast of Tehran.

Iran (IMNA) – Firouzkouh village has a very decent climate during hot days of year, and many people living in Tehran or neighboring cities spend their summer or weekends there. One of the spectacular sight in this village is Tangeh Savashi, which is also known as Tange Vashi.

Passing through a river in the middle of the canyon is a pleasant experience. The natural site includes two gorges; the first one is called "Vashi", and the second one is "Sa". There is an amazing waterfall at the end of the second gorge which has a height of about 15 meters.

The height of rocks in some point of this canyon reaches to 100 meters and even more; so, these high rocks blocks the sunlight in most hours of the day. After passing the first path of the canyon, you will enter a beautiful area blanketed in verdurous grasses which has a pleasant weather called "Savashi field". Visitors usually stay and rest in this place and enjoy the beauties.

In addition, there is an inscription on top of the natural gorge that has been carved by the order of Fath Ali Shah, the Qajar King. This relief which is 6 *7 meters depicts the hunting scenes by the Fath Ali Shah and his courtiers. The inscription has been naturally protected from sunlight and rain, but unfortunately in recent years the wave of visitors has caused serious damages.

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