Handicrafts Town to be constructed in Isfahan

Isfahan Municipality Director for Urban Business Affairs and Agricultural Products Organization announced the construction of a handicrafts town in the city and said, "Necessary follow-up actions to get the required approvals is currently underway."

Iran (IMNA) - "According to the plans, the construction site of Isfahan Handicrafts town will be near the International Flower Garden of Argavan,"Mohammad Mojiri continued.

"Some handicrafts manufacturers by the sideline of Imam Square and Isfahan grand Bazaar do high-risk activities that includes noise and environmental pollution in the vicinity of the city's historical texture. To save the central city from environmental hazards, fire prevention, and providing a tourism space, the construction of Isfahan's handicrafts town is on the agenda," Mojiri noted.

Isfahan Handicrafts and Art City will be constructed as a tourist attraction; galleries, exhibitions, shops supplying products and production units will be situated near each other so that tourists can closely watch the related processes.

The Handicraft sector plays a pivotal role in Iran's economy as it contributes significantly to employment and income generation.

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