Potential of national celebrations  for generating revenues

There is a village in Finland called Lapland that has been considered as the official home of Santa Claus. Finland has embraced the legend and taken benefits of the event by holding festivals that attracts thousands of visitors annually. The village has become a well-known place in the world to the extent that it has been equipped with dedicated airport for direct flights to the area; the region e

Iran (IMNA) - "Iran, despite having rich culture and history, has not taken any advantage of such occasions to attract tourists. Although events such as Fajr Film Festival and International Film Festival for Children and Youth take place in the country, they are not  appealing enough. The only event that is currently popular and widely accepted in the country is the Muharram event that is not a pre-planned event for income generation, but a religious belief.

There are currently three major national family-oriented events in the country, including Nowruz, Yalda and Chahar Shanbeh Suri, all of which have the potential to be celebrated at the international level; Tajikistan is the best example in this regard that every year performs the solemn of Nowruz festival.

Being historical and having great tourism potential has turned Isfahan as a perfect destination for holding such events. The city should exploit its unique features and provide the adequate context to hold national and international celebrations.   

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