Chinese language to enter Iranian school curriculum

The head of the Iran's Research Week Commemoration headquarter said, "we have proposed the addition of Chinese and Arabic languages to the current curriculum along other languages, but with different method of teaching."

Iran (IMNA) - "The research week in Iran's educational system has several aspects, which includes reflecting the efforts of teachers, students and discussing the merits and shortcomings of the system," Zu-elm said.

Speaking about teaching foreign languages ​​and excluding the monopoly of English language in educational system, Zu-elm continued, "foreign, Quranic and Persian languages education constitute three main areas in the organization. We have suggested that Chinese and Arabic languages be added to our curriculum along other languages that are ​​not currently taught at Iranian schools; Iran’s education minister, while supporting the issue, has ordered the review and referral of the case to the Higher Education Council."

In Iran, the teaching of English language usually starts in middle school, but some primary schools below that age also provide English classes.

Iran’s supreme Islamic leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, have often warned about the dangers of a “cultural invasion”; he voiced outrage in 2016 over the “teaching of the English language spreading to nursery schools”.

A few month ago, Iranian parliamentarians submitted a proposal to ban the teaching of English in public schools; however, the proposal faced with many pros and cons, and still is suspended.

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