Top films of previous editions displayed  in Tehran International Short FilmFest

The selected films of the previous editions of the Tehran International Short Film Festival will be displayed on the sideline of the ongoing festival in Tehran.

Iran (IMNA) - In this section, 15 films of the previous editions will be displayed in fiction, documentary, animation and experimental formats.

The selected films are as follows:

1- Journey, documentary, directed by Ali Parandian, length: 5', Norway  

2- Everything Will Be Okay, fiction, directed by Patrick Vollath, length: 30', Austria 

3-Little Dreams, animation, Wilkie Branson, length: 6', Belgium

4-4000 Franc, fiction, directed by Mat Kampf, Switzerland  

5- David Bridie, fiction, directed by Mat Govoni, length: 5', Australia

6-Continuum, experimental, directed by: Natalianne Boucher, France 

7- A Warm Spell, fiction, directed by: Toshimichi Saito, Japan

8-Erkling, animation, directed by Georges Schwitzgebel, length: 6', Switzerland  

9-Next, experimental, directed by: Hodei Zambrano Troncoso, length: 5', Spain 

10- Saide, fiction, directed by: Elnura Osmonalieva, length: 14', Kyrgyzstan

11-Du Plomb dans la Tete, animation, directed by Aurore Peuffer, length: 8', France

12-Cocote, the Adventure of a Dog, fiction, Pacheco Iborra, length: 28', Spain

13-Spooky Transit, experimental, directed by Joren Staeger, length: 7', Germany 

14-Wind of Regrets, fiction, directed by: Sebastien Maggiani, Olivia Vidal, length: 19, France

15-Dissonance, animation, directed by Til Nowak, length: 15', Germany

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