Survived Shir-e Sangi in old city of Hamedan

The historical monument of Stone Lion (Shir-e Sangi) in Hamedan is an amazing statue made of stone located in a square under the same name.

Iran (IMNA) – The Stone Lion is considered as one of the tourist attractions of Hamedan. It belongs to more than 2500 years ago. This statue had a twin counterpart in the past time, both of them constituted the old gate of the city. Local people believed that these lions protect the city from natural disasters. Unfortunately one of them was destroyed and the other one has remained.

It is said that the Stone Lion was built by the order of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) to commemorate his close companion's death. Mardavi who was the founder of Ziyarid dynasty of Iran wanted to transfer the stone lions to Rey, but he failed to move them. So he ordered to destroy them, one of them was completely demolished, but the other one was seriously damaged, and one of its arm and tail were broken.

The statue was remained on the ground on its side till 1949, then by using a supplemental arm, it was raised again. The famous painter and architect, Hushang Seuhun made a platform for it. Nowadays it is placed on a two-meter high platform to protect it from further destruction due to the visitors' touch.

Shir-e Sangi is 2.5 meters long, 1.50 meters wide, and 2.20 meters high. Today, a beautiful park has been constructed around this statue.

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