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Iran’s Lalejin; world pottery capital

Recognizing as a small city with a worldwide reputation, Lalejin is located in Hamadan province, Iran; in 2016, this city was registered as the World Pottery Capital by UNESCO’s World Crafts Council.

Iran (IMNA) - The history of pottery making in Iran dates back to ancient times. As a matter of fact, agriculture came into existence as a key development in the rise of human civilization and pottery making became as a serious action when people made some utensils of baked clay such as pitchers and bowls in order to meet their needs.

Iran: Birthplace of Earthenware

According to documents, designing earthenware in Iran started about 4000 BC. In fact, pottery making in Iran has a long history and, in this regard, the country can be called as the birthplace of the earthenware utensils. Due to the particular geographical features of Iran, almost in every part of the country, people were ever and again involved in pottery making. In this respect, recent archeological research revealed that there were four major pottery manufacturing in the Iranian plateau.

. The western part of Iran, area of Lurestan

. The south of Caspian Sea, Gilan and Mazandaran provinces

. The Northwestern part of Iran, Azerbaijan province

. The southeast of Iran, the Kerman region and Baluchestan

At the present time, pottery is a popular art in traditional and industrial aspects and its main hubs are Lalejin, Kalporagan, Shahvar, Gonabad and Shahreza Counties.

Lalejin: The world Pottery capital

Lalejin is situated 20 kilometers north of ancient city of Hamadan and is considered as the center of pottery and ceramic productions in the Middle East. According to statistics, 80 percent of Lalejin’s population are potters and ceramists.

In other words, pottery and ceramic making is the main local occupation in this land. In term of soil and glaze, the products of Lalejin are more qualified and famous than other cities in Iran. In this area, pottery is prepared in variety of colors such as Azure, yellow, green, turquoise and brown.

In 2016, Lalejin was designed by the World Crafts Council as the World Pottery Capital.

By: Elahe Jalali

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