Enchanting fortress in heart of dense jungle

Rudkhan castle (Qale Roodkhan) is a historical fortress which is located in the heart of a forest in Fuman, Gilan province; it is an important castle that used to be the center of the Gilan rulers.

Iran (IMNA) – Rudkhan castle was built during the Sassanid era as a military fortress to defend the north part of Iran from the Arabs' attack to Iran. Then it was rebuilt during the Seljuq dynasty, the castle was being used as a military hub until the times of Zandiyeh era.

It has been called "Rudkhan castle", because it was built beside a river; Rudkhan is the abbreviation of Rudkhane which means "River". Rudkhan castle is located 665 to 715 meters above the sea level, and a river under the same name runs beside it. It also has an area of 2.6 hectares.

The castle includes two main parts: the armory part for soldiers and military activities and the citadel where the king and royal family resided there. There are 42 towers with stone walls at a length of 1500 meters which have remained intact.

The first thing that attracts everybody's eyes after passing a beautiful route along the defense forests is the main big entrance gate of the fortress . It is located on the northern part of the castle and includes an attractive gate with two towers on its two sides.

The scenic location of the castle, building's strong materials and usage of different architectural styles have added to its beauty. You can visit this caste in each season; however, as you should pass thousand stairs to reach the castle, maybe spring and summer are the best times to enjoy the beauties of the bushy forest.

Rudkhan castle was registered in the list of National Heritage Site in 1976.

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