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Khan Complex

Khan Complex was built by the order of Mohammad Taghi Khan in 1791. Then it was renovated and re- stuccoed three decades later and more decorations were added to the building.

Iran (IMNA) – Khan Complex that includes three historical parts was registered in the list of Iran's National Monuments list on May 11, 1986 with the registration number of 1709.

Khan Bazaar

One of the largest bazaars in Yazd is Khan Bazaar. Its length is about 274 meters, and its height is about 4 to 6 meters. Some parts of Bazaar were constructed during the Afsharid era, and the rest was built by Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi descendants. There are several Bazaarche and Timche inside, that each of them has its own name. The prominent architectural design of this Bazaar attracts everybody's eyes. Khan Bazaar was registered in National Heritage List in 2003.

Khan bath

Khan bath which was built in 1797 is one of the most famous baths in Iran. The bath includes different parts such as "Shah Neshin", "Khazine", and etc. It has three entrances which are close to Khan square, the residential texture of the city, and Kashigari Bazaar. It is called "Khan Bath", because it used to be a place where the most important people in the city went there. Nowadays, it has been turned into a restaurant and a traditional tea house. This bath was registered in National Heritage Sites List in 1986, with the registration number of 2406.

Khan square

Khan square was constructed with a harmonious design. Amazing shops are surrounded the four corners of the square. It has the same architecture style like Khan Bazaar. There are some wonderful buildings in this square; one of them is Khan School.

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