17 September 2019 - 11:40
Safavid less known palace in Isfahan

Ashraf Hall is a small part of a Safavid glorious complex that included the Roofed Hall, Eight Palace, Poshte-e Matbakh palace, Rakib Khaneh, and Timurid Hall which have been destroyed and there is no trace of them anymore; Ashraf Hall has been survived by reviving and building a new wall around the monument.

Iran (IMNA) – There are several reasons for calling this monument "Ashraf"; some people attribute this name to "Ashraf-e Afghan", but others believe that the reason of its naming is due to the date of its construction which was during the Safavid era.

Ashraf hall was constructed during Shah Abbas II period, and it was completed during the reign of Shah Suleiman. This splendid building used to be a private royal resting place of Safavid kings. At this time, it is used for international and ceremonial gatherings in Isfahan.

The main part of this hall has a curved ceiling which is 11 meters high. The gold decorations and paintings, beautiful mogharnases, and azure colored plasters are the unique characteristics of this monument.

There is a big hall in the middle of the building and several rooms surround it. The main material used to build this monument is wood. Pillars of this structure which goes through the ceiling add to its beauty and attract everybody's eyes due to the golden ornaments. 

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